G’day Pat,

Thankyou so much for creating the perfect veil for my special day! To be honest, I was pretty excited after I had put my order in because I knew it was Australian made and just what I was after. However I was not prepared for my own response when I received my parcel. It honestly took my breath away.

I could not believe how incredibly stunning this veil was, and it was far more perfect than I could have imagined. I received so many compliments on the day, and have had friends and family continue to rave about ‘that veil’. So thank you so so much.

Kindest regards,
Jess O
Married March 26th, 2010 at Munja Gardens, Western Australia

Jess wore the Celine Mantilla veil, which is a cascading mantilla veil. Looks gorgeous with her beautiful lace wedding gown. I love your photos Jess, you look so happy. The picture with your Dad is really special!