We know, we get it!  There are a world of options out there so you’re feeling quite overwhelmed right now. How on earth do you choose the right veil for you?

Well you have come to the right place! I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true.

We know veils!

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, the next step is the perfect veil. A veil takes skill and expertise, a craft that is a little different to making a dress. The fabrics used for veils are so delicate and tricky to work with. It really does take experience to make a truly beautiful, hand crafted veil, one that you would be proud to wear on your wedding day.

So what is better than knowing that your veil is being hand made for you, in a clean and well stocked work room… this is our work place in the Gold Coast! We take pride in every single veil we make because it’s all about you!

Each one of our veils is made with love, hand crafted with skill and attention to every detail. We use the finest fabrics and laces as well as Swarovski crystals and pearls for our beaded veils.

Since we started in 2008, we have helped thousands of brides just like you, find the perfect veil to match their wedding dress. Read what our brides are saying. We love receiving beautiful messages and photos from your big day!

Need help?  Get in touch and let us help make your dream come true!

Pictured above: our breathtaking Isabella Lace veil, featuring lace appliques at the top.


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