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Elegance Two Tier Veil


Very elegant satin edge veil



Elegance is a truly elegant satin edge veil.

This two ter veil can be worn high up on the head for a fuller look, or towards the back of the head, if desired. The top tier can be worn over the face as a blusher. The 6mm satin edge is a lovely compliment with silk or satin wedding gowns. This veil is true elegance!

Available in elbow length (70cm), waist (80cm) and fingertip length (100cm). Made in medium fullness.

Available in White, Silk White and Ivory.

Waist length veil is pictured. This veil is worn by Judy, see her photos on the Our Brides page.

Main photo as seen in Melbourne Wedding & Bride magazine, issue 8.1 January 2012

Additional information

Veil Colour

White, Silk White, Ivory

Veil Length

Elbow 70cm, Waist 80cm, Fingertip 100cm